What Is Glamping

Put glamorous and camping together, and you have found yourself a new word called “Glamping.”

While the word glamping has already made it to the Oxford dictionary, many people are still unaware of this term and where to use it. Just like the name suggests, glamping refers to a type of modern camping that is different from traditional camping in terms of comfort, luxury, and resources.  

What is Glamping all about? 

The word glamping is used as a camping revolution that has changed the idea of setting up camps for modern-day campers. If you’re one of those people who would love to camp every other weekend, then we’re sure that you’ll be very excited to try glamping. 

Glamping is a form of accommodation provided to campers that is luxurious and full of facilities so that one can camp out in nature without letting go of the usual luxuries of life. 

One of the best parts about glamping is that you won’t have to pack those tents and sleeping bags or wrestle the poles into place at the campsites. Nor will you have to walk around looking for wood to burn on the fire or collect water from nearby streams for drinking. 

Why should you go glamping? 

The idea of a camping trip might not be appealing to people who know that they might come across creepy crawlies, insects, leaking tents, and of course, wild animals. 

One of the main reasons why glamping is so popular is because it saves you from all the hassle. Just like outdoor camping, it lets you enjoy nature and sleep under the stars, along with providing modern resources such as food, accommodation, and bathrooms. As a result, you can be assured that when you’re out glamping, you will get the best sleep in the fresh air outdoors. 

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What are the benefits of glamping? 


When you head out for traditional camping, it usually involves carrying your sleeping bag, sheets, and a tent. However, when you’re glamping, you already have accommodation waiting for you including a comfortable bed and secure place to sleep. 


Believe it or not, bathrooms are a luxury when it comes to camping. If you’re a frequent camper, how often have you gone into the woods to relieve yourself? With glamping, you will get to experience normal bathrooms and, most importantly, hot water. 


Glamping in the winters can be quite a treat if you have access to warm sleeping bags, heaters, and heating pads. Glamping accommodation allows you to control the temperature in the tent and also includes overnight heating resources. 

A luxurious Glamping experience awaits you

After reading all the details above on glamping, we’re sure you can’t wait to plan your trip. We at Owl Valley Glamping provide a secluded retreat situated in a valley that is full of life. We offer an eco-friendly glamping experience while you immerse yourself in nature. 

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