Why Staycations Are On the Rise

Why Staycations Are On the Rise

A modern-day name for the word vacation, staycation refers to a vacation that is near to home or a vacation that is created at home. It involves leisure and fun-filled activities that are within the same city or at a day’s distance. 

Also known as a holistay, staycations have experienced a rise in the past year due to the pandemic. Instead of travelling far from home, people prefer enjoying somewhere nearby without spending too many resources. An example of such a trip could be to the nearest glamping resort for a weekend in the fresh air. 

Staycations are convenient 

With the pandemic ongoing, many people remain cautious about travelling, especially for those with kids. With local and international restrictions, people are looking for options where they can breathe easily for a while without worrying about the virus. For staycations, you have the freedom of travelling at your own pace and taking as much stuff as you need. Staycations are also a convenient option for elderly couples who would like a change over the weekend but can’t travel very far. 

Staycations offer great affordability 

Travel and affordable are usually two words that don’t go well together.

 What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of travelling? Expensive tickets, booking overcrowded flights, or the awful jet lag? 

At such a time staycations are the best option that you can opt for as you can easily book accommodation nearby that is flexible in terms of money and stay. In addition, you won’t have to worry about paying those expensive hotel bills as you can bring home-cooked meals for the weekend. 

Staycations require less planning 

If you travel frequently then you may be aware of how travelling can be challenging and hectic as it requires you to plan everything in advance. With staycations, that is not the case. You can even make the plan a day before and leave the very next day. Along with experiencing the beauty that the area has to offer, you can make pit stops along the way, allowing you to explore more than one location. Go sightseeing, discover local cuisine, attend a local event – the possibilities are endless. 

You don’t have to adjust with staycations 

The best part about staycations, which many parents will agree with, is that the time zone remains the same. You don’t have to worry about getting used to a different time or dealing with jet lag on your way back home. The travelling duration is less stressful, and you don’t have to catch any flights or take connecting flights which can be tricky and tiring with little kids. 

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Why Being Outdoors Is Good Your Health

Why Being Outdoors Is Good Your Health

How often has it happened to you that you were feeling low, and then going for a walk turned out to be an easy cure? Many people feel busy, depressed, frustrated, and irritated by their daily lives. The rise of an indoor-based and sedentary lifestyle has given rise to many health problems. But, there’s one solution that is simple and within reach for all – spending time outdoors. 

There are several benefits of staying outdoors, while the cons are virtually none (when prepared). So let’s explore some key benefits that spending time outdoors can have on health – mental and physical

Better focus 

Razor-sharp focus is a talent that is not seen in many people. It is in our nature to get distracted/ however, the world today offers too many distractions. These distractions can impact the quality of our work, our hobbies, and even our relationships. Going and staying outdoors has a positive impact on the well-being of a person. It also plays a critical role in improving the focus, thus helping in getting better at everything.

Reduced blood pressure 

Many people complain about heightened blood pressure due to stress and external factors. The most basic solution is to go outdoor or plan a staycation at any outdoor facility. The Owl Valley offers a beautiful and picturesque glamping site for people. Staying near to nature can be an easy way to reduce blood pressure and stress-related hormones like cortisol. 

A way to age gracefully  

Ageing is a concept that gives no options and has to be accepted and embraced. However, there’s a way to age gracefully and make the most of your health. People who tend to spend quality time outdoors also age better. They are less likely to suffer from aches and pain that other people their age staying indoor might experience. 

Improved mood 

Mental health has a solid relationship with outdoor activities. Going out for a walk or staycations at nature-filled sites can improve the mood significantly. Owl Valley provides its visitors with the ideal opportunity to detox their minds and improve their mood and focus at their glamping site. Exploring the wonders of nature at our site can be the perfect anecdote to a bad or frustrated mood. 

Increase in confidence and self-esteem 

People who feel good about themselves are more likely to exude confidence and have a higher level of self-esteem. Staying outdoors can impact self-esteem and confidence in a positive way. It also helps in making a better connection with nature. According to researchers at Cornell University, staying outdoors for as little as ten minutes can reduce stress. 

Additionally, a survey suggests that people who visit gardens witnessed a positive impact on their mental health, and it helped in boosting their self-esteem. So, all in all, staying outdoors offers a variety of benefits for psychological and physical health. 

So, recognising the significance of staying outdoors is step one towards a better life. Step two is booking a stay at Owl Valley and enjoying some time with nature with friends, family, loved ones or even by yourself. 

What to Do In Bideford

What to Do In Bideford

Planning a visit to a new place can be fun and exciting. However, the job gets much easier when there is easy access to critical information. So, here we are with a current list of things that can be done and places that can be visited in and around Bideford.

Westward Ho, beach in Bideford 

Any visit to Bideford shouldn’t be completed without visiting the sandy beaches there. It’s an excellent place to visit and enjoy a good swim in the sea. However, please ensure that a lifeguard is in sight before you go off swimming. Westward Ho beach is a perfect place for a small picnic with pebble ridges and blue waters. An interesting fact is that you can see the remains of a Mesolithic sunken forest while the tide is low. 

A day at the big sheep 

Big sheep offers so much variety of activities that it can cover the whole day filled with fun and enjoyment. They offer various rides, shows, indoor plays, and events to keep everyone entertained through and through. They are also home to Devon’s largest and the most popular roller coaster ride. 

Hartland Abbey and Gardens 

Hartland Abbey is a beautiful place that offers an extensive range of information on local and national history. Do you know that Hartland Abbey has lived in one family for hundreds of years? Heartland Abbey also served as a monastery for 400 years. One unique factor about Heartland Abbey is that it carries a friendly atmosphere, unlike other national historic houses. 

Visitors can explore the astounding and beautiful gardens while there. They can also visit indoors and experience the décor of the medieval and Victorian eras. 

Victoria Park 

Victoria Park was opened to the public in 1912 to celebrate the reign of Queen Victoria. It’s an urban park with an Oak tree planted in 1944 to celebrate the good relationship between Bideford and US Army Personnel. There are also rose beds in the park dedicated to Princess Diana. 

Visit Clovelly

Clovelly is an ideal town to step back in time with cobbled streets and white-washed buildings. You can take a walk among the seaside cottages or enjoy some time at the harbour. The picturesque harbour is also a great place to click some great pictures as memories. 

Tapeley Park Gardens 

If you’re interested in stepping in Devon’s best keep secrets, then take a walk in Tapeley Park. The park has centuries-old trees and lakes with dragonflies and kingfishers. You can stroll in the manicured garden or spend some peaceful time around the lake while soaking in the beauty and magnificence of the place.  

Go Glamping at Owl Valley 

The best opportunities that Devon offers include a retreat into nature and outside of the busy life of cities. Owl Valley provides the ideal opportunity to go glamping at their site. It’s a beautiful place with a private nature reserve and a lively stream along the side. 

Visitors can spend days in tents while enjoying time near and with nature. It can be a perfect getaway for a couple looking for some alone time or a family looking to spend some time together in a beautiful location.

What It Means to Be Eco-Friendly in 2021

What It Means to Be Eco-Friendly in 2021

Being Eco-friendly doesn’t mean that you have to give up everything at once, but it starts from a small change in your life. This could include using cloth bags instead of plastic ones when out for a grocery run or installing solar panels so that you can switch to renewable energy. 

Eco-friendliness in 2021

“Change will not come if we wait for another person or some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek.” – Barack Obama. 

In life, when trying to make a change, many people struggle because they don’t know where to start their journey—being eco-friendly means that you have to give up the use of products that harm and cost the Earth. If you want to become a part of eco-friendliness in 2021, you will have to bring significant changes to your lifestyle. 

Instead of using products and items that are harmful to the Earth, invest in products that promote sustainable living. Help conserve resources like water and energy and play your part in preventing water, land, and air pollution. 

Tips for Becoming Eco-Friendly 

Try to cut out plastic 

Many people might think that avoiding plastic is impossible as it is pretty much everywhere in our lives. But remember that we are taking things forward, one step at a time. 

Start with the smallest of things. For example, instead of purchasing bottled water every day, invest in a glass bottle that you can re-fill at home every morning. 

Borrow instead of buying 

Instead of purchasing items that you will throw away, later on, borrow what you need from friends and family. Search for places nearby that provide things on rent or join swapping groups on social media. 

Choose cloth over paper 

Remember that old t-shirt you have that’s lying in the corner of your room? Put it to good use and make it your cleaning cloth in the kitchen instead of rushing for paper towels every time there’s a spill. 

How to practice Eco-Friendliness when travelling? 

Keep in mind that you should practice eco-friendliness when you’re travelling as well. You may be aware that many tourists pollute places because they don’t find a bin to dump the rubbish into. How about travelling to a place that is eco-friendly, comfortable, and lets you enjoy nature simultaneously? 

Owl Valley Glamping is that one place where you can travel when looking for an eco-friendly glamping experience. The retreat will help you recharge your batteries in a natural and eco-friendly way. 

This means that there won’t be any plastic waste materials, electricity, or internet to distract you. Who wouldn’t love to have meals cooked over the fire while being surrounded by nature? 

If you would like to experience eco-friendly glamping with close friends and family, then you can reach out to us on: +441237721535 or drop us an email: info@owl-valley.co.uk

What Is Glamping

What Is Glamping?

Put glamorous and camping together, and you have found yourself a new word called “Glamping.”

While the word glamping has already made it to the Oxford dictionary, many people are still unaware of this term and where to use it. Just like the name suggests, glamping refers to a type of modern camping that is different from traditional camping in terms of comfort, luxury, and resources.  

What is Glamping all about? 

The word glamping is used as a camping revolution that has changed the idea of setting up camps for modern-day campers. If you’re one of those people who would love to camp every other weekend, then we’re sure that you’ll be very excited to try glamping. 

Glamping is a form of accommodation provided to campers that is luxurious and full of facilities so that one can camp out in nature without letting go of the usual luxuries of life. 

One of the best parts about glamping is that you won’t have to pack those tents and sleeping bags or wrestle the poles into place at the campsites. Nor will you have to walk around looking for wood to burn on the fire or collect water from nearby streams for drinking. 

Why should you go glamping? 

The idea of a camping trip might not be appealing to people who know that they might come across creepy crawlies, insects, leaking tents, and of course, wild animals. 

One of the main reasons why glamping is so popular is because it saves you from all the hassle. Just like outdoor camping, it lets you enjoy nature and sleep under the stars, along with providing modern resources such as food, accommodation, and bathrooms. As a result, you can be assured that when you’re out glamping, you will get the best sleep in the fresh air outdoors. 

If you’re looking for such a Glamping resort, don’t forget to check Owl Valley Glamping for more details. 

What are the benefits of glamping? 


When you head out for traditional camping, it usually involves carrying your sleeping bag, sheets, and a tent. However, when you’re glamping, you already have accommodation waiting for you including a comfortable bed and secure place to sleep. 


Believe it or not, bathrooms are a luxury when it comes to camping. If you’re a frequent camper, how often have you gone into the woods to relieve yourself? With glamping, you will get to experience normal bathrooms and, most importantly, hot water. 


Glamping in the winters can be quite a treat if you have access to warm sleeping bags, heaters, and heating pads. Glamping accommodation allows you to control the temperature in the tent and also includes overnight heating resources. 

A luxurious Glamping experience awaits you

After reading all the details above on glamping, we’re sure you can’t wait to plan your trip. We at Owl Valley Glamping provide a secluded retreat situated in a valley that is full of life. We offer an eco-friendly glamping experience while you immerse yourself in nature. 

Now, what more are you waiting for? Contact us now at info@owl-valley.co.uk for more information or to book.

The History of Devon

The History of Devon

Devon is a large county in England. Its neighbouring counties are Cornwall, Dorset, and Somerset. It was also the first area where people in Great Britain settled towards the end of the ice age. Today, Devon is famous for its sandy beaches and beautiful national parks. However, Devon offers a lot in terms of rich history and cultural heritage.

Pre-historic times in Devon

One reason that makes Devon so rich with history is the remnants of the pre-historic era. The Romans used to live here, and the Roman city wall can still be seen in Devon. The rich cultural history can be seen all over Devon. Start from Buckfast Abbey and move towards Powderham Castle and Exeter Cathedral. Devon also is home to historic landmark buildings like Smeaton’s Tower and South Devon Railway.

One reason that makes Devon stood apart from other counties was that its lack of noblemen and famous people. It was not a part of English Politics. So, Devon remained the place of ordinary people who lived there and owned land.

Epidemics, weather, and occupation changes over the years

Like other places in Europe, Devon was also struck with many epidemics in the 17th and 18th centuries. These diseases took much life. The rough weather during that time also forced people to move away and settle somewhere else. However, agriculture became quite popular in the 19th century. Lately, the tourism industry is the most thriving one in Devon, with the sandy beaches, parks, and historic houses. 

Historical places in Devon

Devon has stories of resilience and myths that were followed by the people – along with its history. It’s a place that offers a large amalgamation of history with changing trends, weather, and occupation. These are some historic places that should be explored when visiting Devon.

Powderham Castle

Margaret De Bohun received Powderham castle as a part of her dowry in 1325 when she married the Earl of Devon – Hugh De Courtenay. This castle remained in the family for 600 years. The castle offers so much history and views to the visitors that it is impossible to see the whole castle in one day. There are acres and acres of land to explore outside the castle. Visitors can also visit the Gardens, Play Area, and Pets Corner.

Dartington Hall

Outside the ancient market of Totnes, you can find Dartington Hall. It is a 1200 acre cultural destination with gardens and woodland walks. Dartington state was purchased by Dorothy and Leonard Elmhirst in 1925. They poured a lot of money and work into restoring the state and the Dartington Hall. Dartington is now a massive attraction for creative people from all around the world.

Hartland Abbey and Gardens

If you want to go back in time and a glimpse of that era, then Hartland Abbey is the place for you. The interiors of the houses are enough to lure the visitor into exploring more. It has been with the same family for years and serves as a worthy tourist attraction.

Devon is full of natural landscapes and historical sites. The natural landscape and wildlife can serve to be a perfect getaway from the worldly and chaotic life of cities. Now, you can book a glamping experience at Owl Valley and make the most of your visit to Devon.