What to Do In Bideford

Planning a visit to a new place can be fun and exciting. However, the job gets much easier when there is easy access to critical information. So, here we are with a current list of things that can be done and places that can be visited in and around Bideford.

Westward Ho, beach in Bideford 

Any visit to Bideford shouldn’t be completed without visiting the sandy beaches there. It’s an excellent place to visit and enjoy a good swim in the sea. However, please ensure that a lifeguard is in sight before you go off swimming. Westward Ho beach is a perfect place for a small picnic with pebble ridges and blue waters. An interesting fact is that you can see the remains of a Mesolithic sunken forest while the tide is low. 

A day at the big sheep 

Big sheep offers so much variety of activities that it can cover the whole day filled with fun and enjoyment. They offer various rides, shows, indoor plays, and events to keep everyone entertained through and through. They are also home to Devon’s largest and the most popular roller coaster ride. 

Hartland Abbey and Gardens 

Hartland Abbey is a beautiful place that offers an extensive range of information on local and national history. Do you know that Hartland Abbey has lived in one family for hundreds of years? Heartland Abbey also served as a monastery for 400 years. One unique factor about Heartland Abbey is that it carries a friendly atmosphere, unlike other national historic houses. 

Visitors can explore the astounding and beautiful gardens while there. They can also visit indoors and experience the décor of the medieval and Victorian eras. 

Victoria Park 

Victoria Park was opened to the public in 1912 to celebrate the reign of Queen Victoria. It’s an urban park with an Oak tree planted in 1944 to celebrate the good relationship between Bideford and US Army Personnel. There are also rose beds in the park dedicated to Princess Diana. 

Visit Clovelly

Clovelly is an ideal town to step back in time with cobbled streets and white-washed buildings. You can take a walk among the seaside cottages or enjoy some time at the harbour. The picturesque harbour is also a great place to click some great pictures as memories. 

Tapeley Park Gardens 

If you’re interested in stepping in Devon’s best keep secrets, then take a walk in Tapeley Park. The park has centuries-old trees and lakes with dragonflies and kingfishers. You can stroll in the manicured garden or spend some peaceful time around the lake while soaking in the beauty and magnificence of the place.  

Go Glamping at Owl Valley 

The best opportunities that Devon offers include a retreat into nature and outside of the busy life of cities. Owl Valley provides the ideal opportunity to go glamping at their site. It’s a beautiful place with a private nature reserve and a lively stream along the side. 

Visitors can spend days in tents while enjoying time near and with nature. It can be a perfect getaway for a couple looking for some alone time or a family looking to spend some time together in a beautiful location.

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