Why Being Outdoors Is Good Your Health

How often has it happened to you that you were feeling low, and then going for a walk turned out to be an easy cure? Many people feel busy, depressed, frustrated, and irritated by their daily lives. The rise of an indoor-based and sedentary lifestyle has given rise to many health problems. But, there’s one solution that is simple and within reach for all – spending time outdoors. 

There are several benefits of staying outdoors, while the cons are virtually none (when prepared). So let’s explore some key benefits that spending time outdoors can have on health – mental and physical

Better focus 

Razor-sharp focus is a talent that is not seen in many people. It is in our nature to get distracted/ however, the world today offers too many distractions. These distractions can impact the quality of our work, our hobbies, and even our relationships. Going and staying outdoors has a positive impact on the well-being of a person. It also plays a critical role in improving the focus, thus helping in getting better at everything.

Reduced blood pressure 

Many people complain about heightened blood pressure due to stress and external factors. The most basic solution is to go outdoor or plan a staycation at any outdoor facility. The Owl Valley offers a beautiful and picturesque glamping site for people. Staying near to nature can be an easy way to reduce blood pressure and stress-related hormones like cortisol. 

A way to age gracefully  

Ageing is a concept that gives no options and has to be accepted and embraced. However, there’s a way to age gracefully and make the most of your health. People who tend to spend quality time outdoors also age better. They are less likely to suffer from aches and pain that other people their age staying indoor might experience. 

Improved mood 

Mental health has a solid relationship with outdoor activities. Going out for a walk or staycations at nature-filled sites can improve the mood significantly. Owl Valley provides its visitors with the ideal opportunity to detox their minds and improve their mood and focus at their glamping site. Exploring the wonders of nature at our site can be the perfect anecdote to a bad or frustrated mood. 

Increase in confidence and self-esteem 

People who feel good about themselves are more likely to exude confidence and have a higher level of self-esteem. Staying outdoors can impact self-esteem and confidence in a positive way. It also helps in making a better connection with nature. According to researchers at Cornell University, staying outdoors for as little as ten minutes can reduce stress. 

Additionally, a survey suggests that people who visit gardens witnessed a positive impact on their mental health, and it helped in boosting their self-esteem. So, all in all, staying outdoors offers a variety of benefits for psychological and physical health. 

So, recognising the significance of staying outdoors is step one towards a better life. Step two is booking a stay at Owl Valley and enjoying some time with nature with friends, family, loved ones or even by yourself. 

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