Why Staycations Are On the Rise

A modern-day name for the word vacation, staycation refers to a vacation that is near to home or a vacation that is created at home. It involves leisure and fun-filled activities that are within the same city or at a day’s distance. 

Also known as a holistay, staycations have experienced a rise in the past year due to the pandemic. Instead of travelling far from home, people prefer enjoying somewhere nearby without spending too many resources. An example of such a trip could be to the nearest glamping resort for a weekend in the fresh air. 

Staycations are convenient 

With the pandemic ongoing, many people remain cautious about travelling, especially for those with kids. With local and international restrictions, people are looking for options where they can breathe easily for a while without worrying about the virus. For staycations, you have the freedom of travelling at your own pace and taking as much stuff as you need. Staycations are also a convenient option for elderly couples who would like a change over the weekend but can’t travel very far. 

Staycations offer great affordability 

Travel and affordable are usually two words that don’t go well together.

 What is the first thing that pops up in your mind when you think of travelling? Expensive tickets, booking overcrowded flights, or the awful jet lag? 

At such a time staycations are the best option that you can opt for as you can easily book accommodation nearby that is flexible in terms of money and stay. In addition, you won’t have to worry about paying those expensive hotel bills as you can bring home-cooked meals for the weekend. 

Staycations require less planning 

If you travel frequently then you may be aware of how travelling can be challenging and hectic as it requires you to plan everything in advance. With staycations, that is not the case. You can even make the plan a day before and leave the very next day. Along with experiencing the beauty that the area has to offer, you can make pit stops along the way, allowing you to explore more than one location. Go sightseeing, discover local cuisine, attend a local event – the possibilities are endless. 

You don’t have to adjust with staycations 

The best part about staycations, which many parents will agree with, is that the time zone remains the same. You don’t have to worry about getting used to a different time or dealing with jet lag on your way back home. The travelling duration is less stressful, and you don’t have to catch any flights or take connecting flights which can be tricky and tiring with little kids. 

Are you still searching for options for a staycation? If yes, then how about a short trip to Owl Valley Glamping? It is a beautiful place full of flowers, birds, and sounds and a perfect getaway for the weekend with your loved ones. Glamping in such an environment takes away all your stress and worries. We have a range of accommodation types, from tents to cabins. To find out more or to book, reach out to us at info@owl-valley.co.uk.

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